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Emergency Dental Care

Fulfilling Your Urgent Dental Care Needs in Burton, MI

Dental problems can disrupt your life, but the emergency dental service at Burton Advance Dental can give you the courage and confidence to combat your dental issues and lead a normal life. With us, you get:

Tackle Dental Problems Head-On at Our Emergency Dental Clinic in Burton

Emergencies don’t adhere to one fixed schedule which is why we offer 24-hour emergency dental care in Burton, Michigan. Whether you’re experiencing excruciating tooth pain or have had an accident that has injured your teeth, our emergency dentists in Burton are highly skilled and dedicated to providing immediate relief. So, if you find yourself at your wit’s end due to dental problems, don’t hesitate to visit our clinic.

When you must not wait to seek professional emergency dental service?

While some dental challenges arise suddenly, patients sometimes overlook their dental problems, without understanding their criticality. This neglect can result in sudden and painful complications, making immediate treatment necessary.  Regardless of your situation, Burton Advance Dental works as a lifesaver. However, we always ask our patients to remain conscious of their conditions and take immediate action to prevent their worsening. 

To ensure your dental well-being during emergencies, it’s crucial to stay extra vigilant. Burton Advance Dental provides essential clues to help you recognize when you require emergency dental care. These indicators can be invaluable in promptly addressing critical dental issues and minimizing discomfort.

Pain Relief

Are you feeling intense, unbearable toothache or throbbing pain?


Got a chipped or broken tooth?

woman holding brown paper and gums teeth

Got a knocked-out tooth?

stomatitis gums red bleeding show by female

Is there persistent bleeding from the gums?

young woman teeth with enlarged

Is there swelling around the jaw or cheeks?

Dentist examining female patient teeth

Signs of infection?

Why are we the top choice for emergency dentistry in Burton?

Teeth with hand

Prompt care when you need it

This is what truly matters, isn’t it? Our emergency dental clinic is ready to address your urgent dental care needs anytime.

Teeth Clinic Chair

Well-adorned with state-of-the-art facility

Rooted in advancement in the dental field, the treatment by Burton Advance Dental is second-to-none.

Dentist Teeth

Best treatment for your teeth

Our commitment is not just to provide the best care but to be the best in restoring your dental well-being.


Cost-effective dental solutions

You don’t have to break the bank to get urgent dental care from us. In addition, you get insurance and payment options to pay as per your convenience.

Rave Reviews for Our Dental Urgent Care

Don’t just take our word for it; here is what our satisfied patients have to say. Our walk-in dental urgent care reviews speak volumes about the quality of the emergency dental services we’ve provided to our patients.

Shannon Skalecki
Shannon Skalecki
The staff and Dr. Seela are great! They are always polite, kind, and eager to help! When I call Megan remembers me by name and is able to answer my questions right away. Highly recommend this team!
John Andrews
John Andrews
Dr Seela and her team are caring, compassionate, and overall wonderful!
Kayla Frost
Kayla Frost
Staff was friendly and explained my options and felt like the doctor was very attentive to my concerns. First time visit
HarjiSift ChanjiSift
HarjiSift ChanjiSift
Matt Hampton
Matt Hampton
Great techs and dentist, kind front office staff! Been going here for awhile and they are great and take all sorts of insurance
Alyssa Desgrange
Alyssa Desgrange
Everyone was very patient, they are booked out but they communicate very well and are much worth the wait!!
Francine Boone
Francine Boone
Very nice and let you know what you can do to keep your teeth and gums healthy
Karen Fair
Karen Fair
Best dentist ever. Office staff is wonderful. I would highly recommend.
Jessica Woolworth
Jessica Woolworth
The staff is beautiful! The dentist himself does beautiful job !And just got a root canal and I didn't feel a thing.. They sat there and explained what they were going to do to me. And they took their time with me
Riley Case
Riley Case
The entire staff was very friendly and helpful! Would highly recommend.

Yes, Dental Urgent Care: Your Emergency Dental Clinic in Burton for Dental Emergencies

In the face of a dental emergency, you deserve a promising “yes” when seeking help. Burton Advance Dental is your trusted “yes” for all your urgent dental care needs.

Our emergency dental service is tailored to meet your urgent needs promptly. Not to mention, our state-of-the-art facility is well-equipped to handle a full spectrum of dental emergencies that includes:

Dental Urgent Care in Burton: Necessary

When you’re in pain, waiting for an appointment may seem like an ordeal. At Burton Advance Dental, we don’t let our patients suffer any longer and offer walk-in dental urgent care services, ensuring that you receive immediate attention without the need for a scheduled appointment. Do you have a dental emergency? We’re right here!

Happy Teeth