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6 Reasons You Should Visit an Emergency Dentist

Dental emergencies demand swift action. These emergencies are intolerable due to the level of pain involved. Free nerve endings in the mouth and around dentures make it extremely painful for the sufferer. Immediate dental treatment performed by the emergency dentist can reduce the severity of the pain.

Whether it’s intense tooth pain, injuries, or uncontrolled bleeding, seeking prompt attention from an emergency dentist is crucial. Learn about the vital role an emergency dentist plays in this blog. Fortunately, emergency dentist services like “Burton Advance Dental” in MI can save you from all the consequences of emergency dental problems.

Let us understand the 6 primary reasons you should visit an emergency dentist;

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Severe Bleeding

Severe uncontrollable bleeding in the mouth or gums demands immediate medical assistance. Uncontrolled bleeding can lead to major consequences like blood loss, visit the emergency dentist!

Emergency dentists can address the source of the bleeding quickly and stop the bleeding with necessary interventions. Such bleeding often indicates an underlying dental issue.

Visit us in dental emergencies, we provide immediate assistance in the clinic jam-packed with state-of-the-art facilities.

Unbearable Toothache

Toothache is the most common dental problem. Individuals often try to ease the pain with the prescribed or OTC medications. Persistent and severe tooth pain that doesn’t subside may indicate an underlying dental issue, such as an infection or abscess.

Do not prolong the visit to an emergency dentist in such situations. Choosing to opt for immediate assistance can save you from severe consequences caused due to infection. Get the best quality diagnosis and treatment from our skilled group of dentists.

Accidental Trauma And Injuries

An unexpected fall or accident causing the trauma can result in dental injuries and bleeding of the gums. In emergencies like these, it’s important to see an emergency dentist promptly.

Prompt medical assistance can address issues like bleeding from gums and dental injuries.

Broken Or Fractured Teeth

A broken or fractured tooth is not to be ignored; it can lead to cosmetic as well as health consequences. Generally, accidents or biting on hard objects can result in broken or fractured teeth.

An emergency dentist with thorough experience can assess the extent of the damage. Advanced dental procedures can restore the teeth. They may recommend appropriate treatment, such as dental bonding or a crown.

A quick tip: you should not throw away the broken teeth but carry them with you to the emergency dentist. You can keep it in your mouth to keep it wet, the dentist can restore the broken teeth. After assessing the extent and location of the breakage of the teeth.

Swollen Jaw

Swollen Jaw And Mouth

The primary symptom of dental problems like abscesses and infection is swelling. Instead of worrying about swelling in the gums face or even neck you must visit an emergency dentist.

The swelling is often accompanied by extreme pain that demands prompt medical assistance. Emergency dental care can prevent the spread of infection and alleviate the swelling.

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Lost Filling or Crown:

Sometimes due to biting on hard or chewy eatables a dental filling or crown falls out.  It shall not be ignored for longer. It can leave the affected tooth weak and vulnerable to further damage or decay.

Seeking immediate care from an emergency dentist can help protect the tooth and prevent further complications.

Why Visit An Emergency Dentist?

Immediate Pain Relief

A Skilled dentist with hands on experience can alleviate the pain and discomfort quickly.

Prevention of Complications

“Ignorance is bliss” but not when it comes to health issues! No dental issue shall be ignored. Getting immediate assistance and on-time intervention prevents potential complications and further dental issues.

Trauma Management

An emergency dentist is skilled in trauma management. They know how to address the injuries quickly and prevent long-term damage.

Preservation of Teeth

Swift treatment helps save and preserve damaged or knocked-out teeth. The treatment can benefit you for both health and cosmetic purposes. Keep smiling!

Infection Control

Every infection comes with plenty of further consequences. Rapid response to infections minimizes the risk of spreading and worsening.

Visit our clinic to claim good oral health!

Expert Evaluation

An emergency dentist is an expert and learned individual who can carry out specialized assessments. Do not keep guessing the cause of your pain and visit the dentist to get tailored treatment for your dental problem.

Get Peace of Mind

Prompt care alleviates anxiety, ensuring optimal oral health outcomes.


Perusing the blog can avoid anxiety and panic in situations of dental emergencies. Do not get fumbled and skip the search for “emergency dentist near me”, contact us!

We know dental emergencies often leave an individual sore and overwhelmed, so seek immediate assistance in such times.

If you live in Holly MI or Flint MI Teeth, visit the best dentist in Holly mi, or dentist in Flint mi at “Burton Advance Dental”. We provide the best emergency dental care assistance. Our team is amicable and experienced in dealing with any dental emergencies. Choose us!

We also provide other dental treatments like teeth whitening in Burton, we are one of the best Burton Family Dental clinics.

Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to learn more about tips on visiting an emergency dentist.