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How to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth?

There are several common culprits behind yellow teeth that dull your smile. Frequent consumption of staining foods and drinks like coffee, tea, red wine, and curries can discolor tooth enamel over time.

Smoking also deeply stains the teeth. Skipping proper daily brushing and flossing allows plaque build-up that hardens into tartar causing yellowish discoloration at the gumline. As we age, enamel thins and the yellow dentin underneath shows through more noticeably.

However, there are many clinics that offer teeth whitening in Burton that may reverse years of discoloration for dramatically brighter smiles. Achieving visibly whiter teeth is easier than ever with whitening innovations that renew smile radiance.

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Top Tips To Get Rid Of Yellow Teeth 

Several methods can effectively whiten yellow teeth for an improved, brighter smile. Proper oral hygiene, teeth whitening treatments, lifestyle changes, and dental solutions all help address staining.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

The foundation of white teeth relies on thoroughly removing staining residue and plaque buildup daily through brushing, flossing, and swishing antibacterial mouthwash. Be sure to brush those pearly whites at least twice a day – gently though, no need to scrub aggressively! Using a soft-bristle toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste, take the time to carefully brush every surface, angle, and crevice. Don’t forget to floss after to really clear out leftover food particles!

The last step is using a strong mouthwash for 30 seconds to wash away any remaining food particles, leaving your mouth minty fresh, and clean. Taking it slow with the brushing/flossing and hitting all areas is key for combatting yellowing and keeping your smile sparkling!

Regular Dental Checkups

Regular professional dental cleanings every 6 months deter tartar formation through meticulous removal by scaling tools. Any early-stage decay gets detected and addressed promptly before necessitating more complex restorations. Technological advances aid dentists in performing very thorough cleanings for teeth surfaces, porcelain veneers or crown covers to maintain their luster.

Dentists also apply longer-lasting fluoride varnish following cleanings to reinforce enamel resistance to new discoloration. These routine visits optimize the prevention of yellowing.

Professional Teeth Whitening

For those seeking major brightening beyond routine brushing and dental visits, professional teeth whitening treatments and custom take-home whitening kits produce high-impact results. Clinic procedures apply powerful concentrated peroxide gel to quickly break down deep-set stains, typically lightening smile shade by 8 or more levels in under an hour.

Custom take-home kits enable the application of lower-dose whitening gel directly onto teeth overnight many nights in a row until the desired shade is achieved through gradual lightening for a more natural look.

Use Whitening Toothpaste and Strips

While not dramatically whitening beyond a few shades at best, daily use of American Dental Association-approved whitening toothpaste containing surface polishers and low-level hydrogen peroxide safely lifts light staining over time.

For somewhat more pronounced lightening between professional treatments, store-bought whitening strips applied periodically also slowly lift extrinsic discoloration when directions are closely followed. Using them too frequently or improperly can damage enamel, so moderation and caution are necessary. However, when maintained consistently, these methods supplement professional efforts.

Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking and Reduce Staining Substances

Eliminating smoking prevents heavy accumulation of stubborn stains. Drink beverages like coffee, black tea, cola, and red wine in strict moderation, ideally giving teeth a water rinse afterward or drinking them through a straw aiming the liquid towards the back of the mouth.

Have them during mealtimes rather than constantly sipping them for sustained contact with teeth. Know other highly pigmented foods like soy sauce, curry, and berries also gradually tint susceptible enamel.

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Diet and Nutrition

While diet alone cannot whiten substantially stained teeth very effectively, eating certain teeth-cleaning and enamel-fortifying items in combination with other efforts helps. Crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, and cucumbers act as natural teeth cleaners.

Dairy products strengthen enamel with calcium and other minerals. Avoid excessive amounts of sugary junk foods prone to sticking in grooves and fermenting into acids slowly eroding enamel over time.

Home Remedies

Use home remedies to assist your main teeth whitening efforts, not drive them entirely alone. Baking soda forms a mildly abrasive and alkaline paste effective for light surface stain removal a couple of times per month. Oil pulling involves swishing liquid coconut oil around teeth daily to help extract some staining bacteria.

Other home remedies like apple cider vinegar, crushed strawberries, etc. lack enough enzyme potency for dramatic whitening power yet still risk enamel damage from very high acid content with overuse, so employ them very selectively and sparingly.

Consider Dental Veneers

For those with severely discolored teeth unresponsive to other methods, or patients seeking cosmetic smile makeovers, dental veneers may be the best option. These thin customizable porcelain covers designed for seamless integration get professionally bonded over front teeth for durable, beautifully white aesthetics regaining a youthful appearance for many years before replacement becomes necessary.


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